We Heart Fungus

Us: "Okay so here's what it is; this is the dealio, Man. Lucky for us we met a little guy named Todd who uhhh...knows where to score some really great mushrooms and like, we could like, be the middleman for you if you were looking to hook up or something.

You: "Say what?!?"

Us: "Yeah, that's right. Todd hooked us up with a couple of pounds of freshy-fresh wild chantrelles ripe for the picking alongside Mt. Hood, Dude."

You: "Oh, no you didn't."

Us: "Oh, yes we did."

Okay, so here's the real deal. We actually do know a guy named Todd, actually since like middle school, and this fellow happens to be a very dear friend of ours as well as an avid mushroom forager. Lucky for us Todd is a generous guy and he "unloaded" several pounds of wild Oregon chantrelles upon the cafe. And lucky for you we know what to do when a guy hands you over a brown paper sack full of organic wild mushrooms. Tomorrow's Bike Special:

Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese Bread Pudding

And yes, it really is as good as it sounds.


Unknown said...

Kudos to Team LRBC and the wonderful folks who stopped by to savor your offerings - a stellar weekend! And compliments to the Escape Artist - clever fellow, Mr. Zeusarooney!

Anonymous said...

I had said bread pudding this morning and it was delicious. The flavors of the cheese, mushrooms, and light, flaky croissant were perfectly balanced. I can't wait to come back for lunch and a milkshake.