This Isn't Bill Cosby's Pudding

We didn't land on bread pudding, bread pudding landed on us.

A little over one year ago, back when we were Green & Green(er), we stood patiently every Saturday morning and watched our buddy Mike sell hundreds of Breakfast Burritos. Waiting. Patiently. For the lunch rush.

Lunch would come, and we'd get busy. But what to do about breakfast? Some background: When we had our booth at the Portland Farmers Market, each vendor had to "jury" any food product they wanted to sell so that the PFM could ensure that vendors weren't stepping on each other's toes by selling similar products. For example, here's our story:

Q: Can we sell crepes? A: A crepe vendor might be joining the market mid-season. So no.
Q: How about fried egg sandwiches? A: Another vendor is making a product that is "too similar."
Weeks went by, and each morning, we waited, patiently, for lunch.
Finally it happened..it clicked.
Q: What about a French Toast Bread Pudding? Q: What's that?

And we learned that the Portland Famers Market couldn't say "no" to what they didn't know. After a few weeks we brought on the savory bread puddings, new sweet recipes, and it kept getting bigger. The rest is history.

Now we will continue to bring you the fruits of our labor. Saturday's treat:

Harvest Bread Pudding
Brie, Apple, Walnut and Cherry Bread Pudding w/ Balsamic Glaze. Served w/ our soon-to-be-famous Potato Gratin.


Anonymous said...

I'm constantly amazed by your creativity. You guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

New to pdx, but have been reading your blog for awhile. Can't wait to get a day off so I can stop by (and get a paycheck so I can actually pay you.)

BTW: you may not want to use infamous when describing your taters.

Webster describes infamous as "having a reputation of the worst kind : notoriously evil"

Anonymous said...

Had my first LRBC experience today.
I love this place.
Thank you for being so awesome.
Please keep being awesome.

Ali and Evan said...

Thanks! We sure do try! :) We think you're awesome, too!

Thanks for the heads up. But what are you, a f@cki*g park ranger? :) We look forward to meeting you in person. Thanks for writing!

Ali and Evan said...

Much obliged. We will do our best at maintaining if not exceeding today's level of awesomeness. Look forward to seeing you again. Thanks for coming in.

Anonymous said...

Rad! I'm stoked on this, good job. I'm hyped on checking this out. jacob(new season)

Anonymous said...

and congratulations.............