And Then There Were Two...

Southern Banana Pudding Ice Cream

We started the day offering four flavors of ice cream and wound up with only two left: Southern Banana Pudding Ice Cream with Pepperidge Farm's Chessmen Cookies and Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip.
Outside the cafe @ approx. 10 am this morning

Who says you can't sell ice cream on a Snow Day? Or a milkshake for that matter? Today's milkshake totals: 4 Chocolate, 2 Chocolate Malts, and 1 Vietnamese Coffee. Booya.


MJS said...


I visited your cafe three days or so ago, and was very impressed! The espresso was quite good, and you are the only coffeehouse in the city (at least of the ones on espressomap.com) that serves both good espresso and truly wonderful food!

I had a roast beef and caramelized onion sandwich with my espresso, which was extremely good, and my girlfriend ordered a white truffle grilled cheese and macchiato -- also great. (The macchiato foam was a little stiff actually and hovered on top of the espresso like an iceberg, but that was our only complaint.) And, finally, we had a raspberry milkshake. Totally blown away by all of it. It felt 'homecooked' in the best sense, that is, professionally good food but with the sense that it was made with love and attention to detail.

I live in NW right now and spend most of my time at Reed in SE, but will be driving to visit you guys for lunch all the time. In fact, we'll probably go to breakfast with some friends tomorrow.

Just wanted to leave a note and tell you guys you're doing a fantastic job.

Ali and Evan said...

Thanks so much for writing. Now that has to be one of the best dang reviews we've ever had. (Thank you and your check is in the mail-- ha ha)

Everything you wrote touched our hearts. We're trying real hard and it's nice to know you had a pleasant experience here. Keeps us going, you know?

As far as the macchiato goes, we apologize for the iceberg-like foam. I personally lean towards a macchiato that is more similar to a mini-latte than an espresso with milk-foam on top. Up until this point drinks have been created at the whim of the barista, but your comment makes us feel as though standardization within our coffee might be a good idea.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the raspberry buttermilk shake. We're huge fans of th berry and buttermilk combo. The sweet paired with the sour just works so well.

We look forward to your next visit and thanks for coming in and thanks a million for taking the time to write us.