Detour Ahead

Perhaps after six months of work it needed a day off too.

It was business as usual as we made our way to the cafe to meet the milkman earlier today. As I went to transfer some salad greens from our large refrigerator to the sandwich prep station photographed above, I noticed the machine was awfully quiet. Not good. I stuck my hand inside to find that not only was the machine off, but it must've been warm for quite some time. Turns out sometime between Sunday night and midday Monday we had somehow blown a fuse.


As we began to fill the garbage can with what had at one time been perfectly good product we both started to feel as though we had once again lost control of our weekly "day off." But we stayed calm and with a focused effort were able to pick up the pieces, get the most necessary prep done, and spend a relaxing day at home complete with a mid-afternoon tandem ride to the Flavourspot. It's days like today which demonstrate to us that yes, we're getting better at this.


AnnMarie said...

oh no! you two sure have grace under pressure.

Unknown said...

Another day in paradise...love you guys!!!