French Toast Files: The Journey Continues...

The Monte Cristo
slices of ham and melted white cheddar sandwiched between challah French toast, served with orange-poppyseed butter, maple syrup, and homemade Oregon Strawberry Pinot Noir Jam

If you aren't yet privy to what we now regard as "French Toast Sundays," then I will allow you a moment to get caught up.

You ready? Okay...

The ladies were at it again this past Sunday (today). Actually, I should begin with the moment of conception for this week's Sunday special. Ali and I had just finished a special Valentine's Day dinner and we were eager to release ourselves from the evenings final work-related duty, which on this particular night happened to be figuring out what would serve as the cafe's French Toast special. We sat fireside and tossed around various ideas, some new, others potential reruns, but nothing suited us. "Damn you winter!" we collectively muddled. "What little you offer us in the way of seasonal inspiration." We were tired, and had hit a wall.

I believe it was our dog Zeus who offered the first remnant of inspiration. Well, more like Zeus speaking through me, which he often does. You see, sometimes Zeus, though he is a Chinese pug, likes to speak in a French accent. I suppose there are certain elements of French culture which he likes to identify with, or perhaps it is an air of superiority, whatever the case may be, on this particular evening, at this particular moment, Zeus (through me) felt the need to remind Ali (in a French accent) that he is "part French "(whatever that means). I guess that was all it took to get the wheels in motion, because as soon as Zeus spoke Ali's eyes lit up as if to say "That's it!" It was kind of like those old cartoons where a character has an idea and a light bulb appears above their head. Actually, it was exactly like that.

Zeus' comment had had apparently got Ali thinking about the croque-monsieur, which in turn got her thinking about the sandwich's more French Toast-ish half brother, the Monte Cristo. One quick call to Madeline (our go-to French toast slinger), and the night's final work related task was done.

Upon Ray's arrival at work today I couldn't help but taunt him with the magic that awaited him. You see, ever since Ray started working at the cafe on Sundays, he has eaten the French Toast special for his shift meal each day (except one day, which he himself would likely admit was a mistake). "I think today's French Toast special could go down as the most epic French Toast special we have yet accomplished," I taunted him. This coming from a guy (me) who (gasp) doesn't really care for French Toast all that much. That said, this Monte Cristo is one French Toast I can get down on.

Joel, upon delivering our coffee served as our "taste-dummy," and also allowed Madeline to hone her technique for what we could only assume would be a busy day of cooking. With the green light from our coffee roaster, it was off to the races and we didn't look back. I think it was a hit with most who had the good fortune to enjoy it. We realize French Toast + ham and cheese can be a bit much for some people, which is why we were of course more than willing to prepare a more clean cut version of the special for those not so gastronomically adventurous as others. For those, who missed out, not to fret. I'm sure we will run this one, or at least a variation of it, sometime again in the not too distant future.

Ray did concur. His opinion: epic.


VooDoo Ray said...

Definitely a bold statement that early in the morning...definitely more than a taunt. It (the game) was truly brought to the table. It's always more than a taunt when you can back it up.

Tim D. Roth said...

That's a fucking perfect breakfast. Wish I would've pulled myself away from the live feed of the SERBC finals long enough to come fill my belly with something other than the farina that did fill it. Argggh.

Unknown said...

Thank you for turning my dream into reality. Now if I could only taste the reality I have dreamt of for so long. I would fly home just for this one meal. I have yet to find French Toast in Chile...and that makes me a very sad and skinnier person. Maybe when I come back next you could honor me with this amazing way to start, continue, or end a day. French Toast for all hours, all days, all people.

Ali and Evan said...

Let us know when your return, aka "Todd Day," is scheduled...perhaps we will only serve different varieties of French Toast that day.

Unknown said...

Have two weeks off in July...and we all know whats in July, three kick ass people have birthdays and our beloved Horning´s calls to us. This time I`ll be sure to leave wierd face rashes and pyscadelic awkwardness in Chile. Also, to not eat from andy´s box of goodies that ¨don´t work, so just take some more¨. God, I get awkward just thinking about it. I go hide in my tent now. I´ll come out in July. Our nursery neighbor has peacocks, so I´ll be sure to bring Chilean peacock tailfeathers.