Honey Yogurt Bowl—7.00
Nancy’s Honey Yogurt with house granola, fresh fruit, cinnamon, & honey drizzle

White Bean Soup—7.00
asparagus, carrots, leeks, garlic scapes, with toasted croutons and pecorino

“Carrot Cake” Challah French Toast—9.50
served with maple cream-cheese butter and toasted walnuts

Buttermilk Biscuits and Rosemary Mushroom Gravy—7.00
Half portion…5
Sonny’s Special: full order, side of bacon, and large Orange Juice…13.00

Wild Lox Omelet—11.00
with bacon, red onion, goat cheese, and avocado, topped with crushed hazelnuts and roasted garlic-scape pesto, served on a bed of greens

Oregon Tuna Melt—9.00
wild Oregon albacore tuna, lemon-herb mayo, cheddar, green onions, and farmhouse relish on Italian como bread, served with arugula salad
‘surf ‘n turf’ (add bacon)…1.50

Spring [Fried] Egg Sandwich—9.50
two eggs, Carlton bacon, roasted asparagus and leeks, and lemon herb aioli on ciabatta, served with tossed arugula salad

Grilled Polenta with Gingered Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote—8.00
egg and dairy free, toasted almonds, local rhubarb compote and pure maple syrup

smoked tempeh strips, arugula, tomato, vegan dill aioli, and avocado on toasted ciabatta, served
with arugula salad

Croque Madame—8.50
toasted ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg and house mornay sauce, served with tossed
arugula salad

Parched? Try our "Tiger Woods," an elixir made from blueberry- basil-lemonade and earl grey tea. Unsatisfied? There are rumblings that Courier's espresso has been spot on lately, and that El RayRay is dosing, tamping, and pulling "like-whoa." Come down and see for yourself.


kati said...

you're killin' me with that french toast :)

and the espresso. it all sounds "like-whoa"

Kendal said...

I'll have a lox omelet, a Tiger Woods, and a decaf double mocha, please. How much will it be with shipping?

stumptown dreamer said...

finally got to your place and had brunch there today - wow wow wow!!! as good as could be and worth the wait :-)))
congratulations on your anniversary, the magazine, the celebrations of your creativity and the great food.

what a pleasure