Look How Far We've Come

(the one on the left giving her best "don't bullshit me" stare)

The whole laptop fiasco has forced us to go through old photos to figure out what has and hasn't been lost. Came across this gem two years to the day from when it was taken. Baby, look how far we've come!

In very exciting news, Courier has giveth a new coffee to the LRBC, and it's from Guatemala (among my most favorite regions of origin). Stop by the cafe tomorrow to see what Huehuetenango and Finca Palhu have to offer.


Unknown said...

Huh...that place looks familiar. I think I've been there.

SoCo Tom said...

Hi, Ali. Hey, I'm still available for tech advice if you're interested. 20+ years Mac tech experience. Do you still have the affected hard disk in the Mac?

By the way, I pointed some friends from here in Sonoma to the cafe last weekend and they came back raving about it (of course).

Tom from Sebastopol