LRBC Little Known Fact #9

[Photo taken 9 years ago on 1st road trip (of many) to The Redwoods]

Nine years ago (yesterday) we fell in love. To celebrate this fact we're packing an overnight bag, leaving our computers at home, dropping the dog off at daycare (Thanks, Dad), and disconnecting from the web/world for 24 hours (gasp!) in order to partake in a [not so] Super Secret Celebratory Ceremony (no, we're not getting married again). We can tell you this: we are bringing one piece of equipment with us on this sojourn, our camera, whose card has been emptied and battery charged. We're hoping to gain a new perspective of Portland, the city that has been home to both of us for the better part of our lives. The place where we grew up, met, and fell in love. Public transportation and our two feet will serve as our means of transport as we traverse locales both familiar and new. Thank you to the whole LRBC Crew for holding down the ship while Mom and Dad play. XO

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Unknown said...

Awesome. I love you both, NWSS soon!