LRBC Little-Known-Fact #117

I first tried baking these cookies when I was still a teenager attending high-school. My mom found the recipe in a popular magazine and after numerous attempts by the both of us, I came to the decision that I liked my version the best. Its a simple recipe really, and I love it because it offers a great deal of improvisational opportunities for the baker.

Years later while attending college here in Portland I would often mail these cookies fresh from the oven to Ali, who was living and going to school in LA. I'm not sure if the cookies themselves had anything to do with us being able to survive four plus years in a long-distance relationship, but I like to think that my baking played some small role in it all. At the very least I know for certain that they helped me score some major points with her roommate (don't deny it Alison).


turningfamily said...

Yesterday my son Christopher and I came by after he got off the school bus...he had a strawberry soda and a sticky, sweet cinnamon roll. As the sugar made its way through his body the giggles started...I looked across the table at his happy face and it dawned on me just how much we appreciate you guys. Thanks for your smiling faces and incredible food!

joanna said...

So, can I assume that these cookies (which are right up my alley, by the by) are available for purchase at the café, or are you just taunting me with your own personal after-school snacks?

Please advise.

Ali and Evan said...

We try to make these cookies as often as we can, though we do run out of time some days. We can always whip up a batch to order if anyone is in need. Just try to give us 48 hours notice.