We have arrived. Our existence has officially been validated. Somehow we finagled our way into The Portland Mercury's Lovelab. Many of us at the cafe are devoted fans of the "I Saw You" ads. Perhaps religious followers is a better description. I mean the whole thing is terribly romantic, isn't it? How can you not be moved? Inspired? Curious? It's nice to imagine a place where half sees half. Half searches for half. Half suddenly finds itself Whole. So try to imagine our utter disbelief and joy when we discovered this Thursday that our little world was connected to the big one out there. That our place was this place. (Insert a tee, hee, hee, snicker, oh-my-gosh-life-is-sweeeeet here).

The occurrence needless to say has made our week. In fact it's been the topic of many-a-conversations amongst the staff. We are all in love with the idea of love a' brewin' at the LRBC. The least we could do was help a brother out. We feel it's our duty to play wingman on this one by spreading the word that a half has put a shout out to it's other half. To Man #906352, we hope you find your doodler.


Anonymous said...

Me: Tarzan
You: Jane

Maggie said...

Keep us posted if he finds her or not!