Savor the Chill

Yes, its getting colder out every day. We don't care. We still make ice cream. Well, Ali does to be more specific. She has been very busy this week whipping up some new flavors.

See something you like?


Anonymous said...

ZOMG! Avocado Ice Cream!

How much do I miss walking to the Polyann Icecream Shop in the Sunset District of San Francisco and getting a scoop of their avocado (and avoid their durian) icecream! I MUST come in this weekend!

Anonymous said...

ooh, save me some peanut-butter chocolate!! i'll trade you a leo's circuit, i swear i'll carry it on the plane and not eat it.

see you in a couple of weeks.

Ali and Evan said...

Hope our avocado can lie up to Polyann's. It will be waiting for you this weekend. Thanks for writing!!!

The mere mention of the circuit is too painful to bring up.