The Berry Triumvirate

Something Old vs. Something New

We spent the 4th out on Sauvie Island with friends picking fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. It was our first time utilizing the new bridge and our first berry picking expedition this season. When it was all said and done our fingers, hands, lips, and cheeks were stained in beautiful berry hues, and we were immediately thinking pie.

One for you, and you, and you...

So to answer some of your questions regarding whether or not the Bike-Thru is going to be open this weekend for ice cream and pie: You betcha! Thanks to our haul we're aiming our sights on a Almond-Raspberry-Peach Pie as well as a Sauvie Island Pie featuring the trio of berries we gathered. If you're so inclined we'd love to see you at the Bike-Thru anytime from 6pm-9pm.

What about you? How did you celebrate your holiday?


Anonymous said...

We watched the fireworks at waterfront park from the bluff on Willamette Blvd, then biked all around our neighborhood watching people setting off their own fireworks.

And today? Berry picking! You beat me to it!

Anonymous said...

Tennis in Mt. Tabor,

hooray for Bike Thru Service!

Tim D. Roth said...

Woke up, made (local) blueberry pancakes with some (local) bacon, went fishing on the Wilson River, came back, barbecued it up, missed most of the fireworks show, went on our own unnecessarily stupid bike ride, had a gnarly meal at Montage, collapsed in a heap on my bed.