Pardon Our Dust

Things are still a bit dusty at the Bike
photo by Hjem

After a fantastic week spent honeymooning it, Ali and I eased back into work at the cafe today. When I say "eased into it," I really mean it. Allergies took all of ten minutes to get the best of Ali before she was forced to go home and work on various administrative tasks. I stuck around for a few hours, and spent most of my time dusting. I also began to compile a long to do list that I hope will keep us on track and help to get the cafe ready to reopen by the weekend.

Yes...I am putting it out there. We hope to reopen the cafe by this coming weekend.

I say hope only because one never knows what unforeseen circumstances might present themselves and make reopening more difficult than we anticipate. If there is one thing that I have learned throughout this past year it is that the closer you get to actually finishing a task the more likely you are to have something unexpected happen, which more often than not can prolong the task at hand. That said, the cafe has been closed longer than we ever expected, and we are anxious to get back into the swing of things. Only time will tell whether or not determination will win out over the unknown, and if we will in fact reopen when we hope to do so.

So until we are ready to flip that OPEN sign around, we'll do our best to let y'all know how the progress is coming along. We feel as though we are getting close, and after we complete a thorough cleanup we will be putting together the final touches, and beginning to cook.

If you are anxious to view the work that has already been completed, be sure to check the blog again soon for a sneak peak at our new bench and counters.

And thank you very much for your patience.


Anonymous said...

the next red bike cafe need to be in the ATL we need you BAD

Ali and Evan said...

Ali's Mom, who's also our unpaid "sous," does specialize in Southern cuisine...perhaps it would be fun to see if her skills could stand up in the land of butter and deep fried goodness...

Silver Bee said...


reminds me of the time we rushed to open after a few little upgrades and the caf stank of varnish.

those allergies flaring up can be a sign you need to take a little extra care of yourself.

it's a major buzz when you realise how much people have missed you on re-opening.


Anonymous said...

We miss you guys!!! Good luck getting things back in order!

Hope you had an awesome honeymoon. :)

Darrinmarcus said...

Dude, what happened!? Have I been under a rock? I'm not from Portland but I follow your blog and can't wait to try out the grub.