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Courier Coffee Roasters has a new espresso. Currently Joel is roasting a Brazilian coffee which may or not become part of a future blend. I debated whether or not I would go into extreme detail about this coffee, but I decided that its probably better to give myself some time to play around with elements such as temperature, grind, dose size, as well as time out of roast before I will have a clear idea of what this coffee is all about. I will say I like it. I like it a lot.

The coffee is an organically grown peaberry from the Camocim Estate, which is located in the coastal state of Espirito Santo. Though it is difficult to tell from the photos (shot in direct sunlight), Joel is taking this coffee a bit darker than he usually roasts. Thus far I have consumed it more as an espresso than brewed coffee. Citrus notes are evident throughout, as well as a sweet nutty taste. The mouthfeel is medium-heavy without being syrupy, almost comparable to hot chocolate made with powder and milk.

If you are interested in learning more about the estate where the coffee is grown I highly recommend checking out their website. Or, if you have the time, drop by the cafe for a cup. As I mentioned before we are currently serving it as a single origin espresso, and at times we have and will be French pressing it for our house coffee.

Happy slurping!

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