That sneaky lil' lady!

She thinks she's pretty smooth...and she's right

So we've only been back at it for a week, and wouldn't you know it, we're on vacation again. No, don't fret, the cafe is still open. However, we will not be at work on Tuesday morning. Ali, my wife of only a couple weeks, planned the nicest gift for my birthday (today) that she possibly could have given me: the gift of travel. Much to my surprise we hit the road shortly after work on Sunday afternoon, and now find ourselves lounging about on the Oregon coast.

It was great to reopen last week, but I am not about to complain about getting out of town again. Among the things I realized while we were closed for remodel, was that getting away from the day to day operations of running the cafe provide us with perspective and inspiration that is difficult to keep hold of when you are working all of the time. I love my job, but I feel truly blessed to be able to get away every once in a while. Thanks to my wife (I love typing that) for the wonderful birthday gift. Thanks too to our cohorts at the cafe for 'holding it down' while we are away.

Also, I have to give some big, big thanks to all of you who visited us during the past week. Your support continues to amaze us. Not really knowing what to expect after being closed for so long, we were overwhelmed by not only the bustling energy that filled our space each day last week, but also the many well wishes and congratulations that came our way. Though you can't see us now, know that we are blushing.

It's great to be back.


Kendal said...

Happy Birthday Evan!
You and Barack Obama, too :)

Silver Bee said...

ha ha of course they missed you like hell. beautiful!

i am going to show this post to my husband. he is finding it hard to step back from the cafe these days.

he needs down time badly.