Traveling Man

Bad to the bone.

Our good friend, and OG LRBC barista Tim Roth is currently driving this car somewhere in middle America, en route to Atlanta, GA. In less than a few weeks Tim will be attending Emory University's Graduate School.

Congratulations Tim! You will be missed.

Perhaps if we are lucky we might be able to convince him to grace the cafe with his presence next summer as a celebrity guest barista. Just don't try to steal the man's tip jar.

And some thought this car would never become a classic


Tim D. Roth said...

Thanks for the words y'all! So far I've made it to Moab, Utah, which looks really cool, I think. It's actually kind of dark. But anyway, 998 miles down, 2031 to go!

Anonymous said...

That car is so big it takes up TWO parking time zones...

Tim...we hope you make it.

Silver Bee said...


and we thought the synesso was reason enough!