Waffle Iron.

What's better than real maple syrup? Brandy infused maple syrup.

We'll admit it, we received a gift or two from our recent wedding. Don't worry if you didn't get us anything yet, according to Larry David you have one year to do so (insert sarcastic tone). It may sound a bit silly, but I really wasn't looking forward to receiving gifts from our wedding; the last thing we need is more "stuff" in our lives. That said, we did score more than a few things that I now might be hard pressed to part with. One such item that recently baked its way into our hearts:

the waffle iron.

After weeks of staring at the box we finally put the marvelous contraption to work this past Monday. As luck would have it my cousin Jennifer, who had no idea somebody else would be gifting us a waffle iron, had given us a decadent brandy infused maple syrup from a distillery in Napa Valley, CA (along with a pretty nifty set of glassware). Pair that with some leftover berry compote from Sunday's Challah French Toast special and what you have is a nice little meal at home for the couple who spends most of their time preparing breakfast for others. It was an exciting and delicious new development in our lives...cooking for ourselves again.

Now I hope that I am not getting your hopes up, because we have no plans of bringing the waffle iron to the cafe any time soon. Besides, if you're looking for waffles in North Portland than you already know the place to go. Remember, the important thing is that the waffle iron has inspired us to cook more at home. And when we cook for ourselves we tend to get excited about preparing new recipes at the cafe. So don't feel as though we are trying to torture you with food meant for our stomachs only. Rather, think of it as a celebration of inspiration. I promise you, the more we continue to cook for ourselves in our free time, the better your dining experience at the LRBC will be.

So on that note keep on sending us those expensive kitchen gadgets folks (do not insert sarcastic tone).

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