Cafe Closed This Weekend

Everything needs a little tune up from time to time.

First things first...

the cafe will be closed this Saturday and Sunday, September 27th and 28th, for scheduled maintenance

We know, the timing is no good. Trust us, we don't like having the cafe closed during an entire weekend any more than you do.

Remain calm. The huge national deficit, present financial crisis, and looming election have nothing to do with this unforeseen break in the action. Nor do they have anything to do with our lack of recent blogging (apologies).

On the contrary, thanks to your amazing support, the LRBC is presently chugging along just fine. So feel good about that coffee, dangi donut, or egg sandwich you are buying. You're darn near a saint. Give yourself a giant pat on the back and get out and go for a ride this weekend. The Portland area weather forecast is calling for sunshine all weekend long with temperatures reaching the low eighties by Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the amazing fall weather, and take comfort in knowing that we will be back to business as usual come 8am Tuesday morning.


Anonymous said...

go get some food at the polish festival instead! :)

Ali and Evan said...

We second that idea! Head to the Polish festival for some great food, music, dancing, etc.