Dr. Morton Rosenberg

Dr. Morton Rosenberg is my grandfather. Today we named a special sandwich after him that would be right up his alley...if only he had the opportunity to eat it.

Dr. Rosenberg

deviled egg salad and green leaf lettuce topped with fresh chives and smoked paprika, served open faced on a toasted bagel

As I've mentioned before, my grandparents live very far away and unfortunately this distance and their aging years kept them from attending our wedding. Their presence was missed tremendously. Fortunately my sister's impending wedding in October has our whole West Coast family East Coast bound and I cannot wait to arrive in NYC and see my grandpa to indulge in the dance this bride was promised. Until then it is with great pleasure that I say today, Grandpa, this one's for you. XO


Tim D. Roth said...

I've decided a couple/three things.

1. I really miss your food, even if I wasn't able to make it in often, it was nice having it available.

2. I'm probably singlehandedly responsible for about 25% of your blog hits, cause I check it alot.

3. You guys are awesome.

Ali and Evan said...

If we're all declaring/deciding on things we might as well come clean and say:

1. We miss having you eat our food, then later write us love notes about our food, only to later post gushy blog comments about our food.

2. Keep the hits coming. Sometimes you're the only one we know that let's us know that all of this is for reals.

3. We miss/adore/love you/are longing for your green curry terribly. XO