Is this a dream?

This photo contains 99.9% post consumer recycled imagery:
A mini peach pie from last weekend. Not actual size.

Has the whole world gone crazy?

After we closed yesterday afternoon Marly came to the cafe and made two beautiful peach pies. So excited was I by her latest creations, that rather than putting bagels on display (par usual), I decided to merchandise one of Marly's pies out in front for all to see. I had a hunch that the pies wouldn't last very long.

Who doesn't love a slice of pie and coffee for breakfast? And who can resist a slice of pie 'a la mode' to share after lunch? Well, apparently many out there have some serious will power, as we only sold one slice...all...day...long.

May Sunday be a day of redemption. May both pies sell out, thus proving that hell is not about to freeze over, and that today was simply a fluke. Perhaps the pie was not supposed to sell today so that it may enrich the dining experience for tomorrow's customers. Whatever the case may be, if there are any leftovers come Sunday afternoon you can rest assured that at least one slice of said pie will find its way into this blogger's belly.


Tim D. Roth said...

If hell freezes over, that means the pie will keep from there to here, right? I guess that would make the entire midwest hell, but I think I'm okay with that. I want you to rest assured that I would be doing my part as official pie decimator if I could. I got pretty good at it at The Acorn.

AnnMarie said...

marly is just hitting her pie stride...to miss out is a crying shame.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says its summer time better than a gorgeous peach pie. Who could resist?