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Calling all barista, coffeeshop owners/employees, and coffee freaks. LRBC is hosting what we hope will be a fun event this coming weekend, an event that has been dubbed "PDX: Tamp Your Face Off!"

What is it?

The idea is to create an informal but festive gathering space for Portland coffee industry folk (or coffee aficionados). There will be espresso, coffee, milk, and beer...and that's pretty much it. There will likely be a "bring your own vessel" latte art "jam," or "throwdown." If you'd like to compete, be sure to bring something which you will be able to fill with espresso and steamed milk. January Vawter of Blend Coffee Lounge and Ray Penrod of LRBC will be helping us facilitate the goings on. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us via email or phone.

PDX: Tamp Your Face Off
Saturday 1/31, 6:00pm-9:00pm
hosted by Little Red Bike Cafe
4823 N Lombard St Portland, OR
Ages 21+

Hopefully this guy will be there:

Joel 1:23
"And Joel said..."

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