Not trying to leave you hanging...

photo by January Vawter, ⓒ 2009

We are not trying to build any suspense. Ray did compete at the Northwest Regional Barista Competition, and I do plan to deliver a detailed report, but I haven't yet had the opportunity to hear about the experience from the man himself. You can expect a detailed report of the event in the coming weeks.

I do know that Alex Pond of The Fresh Pot took home first prize in the competition. Congratulations to Alex, Michael Brooks, and everyone at The Fresh Pot!

Lastly, congratulations to Ray! Thank you for being the first to represent the LRBC at a barista competition. Your hard work and continuous dedication to your craft make us proud. Thank you.


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Unknown said...

go Ray! Ray is also first to represent courier coffee in a barista competition. It was fun holding the mock competitions. Because of ray we moved from just using our regular organic sidamo to our koratie cooperative sidamo as 50 percent of our espresso mix. El Rey. And it was a flurry of awesome at ccr headquarters with ray and tim both visiting much!!!!!