Ray's Fuel

With only 9 days left until the Northwest Regional Barista Competition, Ray has committed himself to a strict training schedule. Here's what we've been feeding him as part of this diligent training regiment:

Little One's French Toast*, Elvis Styles
thick slices of our challah French toast served with peanut butter, caramelized bananas, Carlton bacon, and real maple syrup

It's not easy but someone's gotta do it. Thanks Ray, way to take one for the team!

*This Sunday special was named after my beloved sister. Ever since I was little she's been making French toast for me so I thought it was due time to finally put a French toast special on the menu that reflected her tastebuds. Love you, Little One. XO

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Anonymous said...

Holy shit. Why does everything you make look so good? If only I could taste it. (I moved two north two months ago) Any chance of Bike Delivery to Seattle? Good luck, Ray! Perhaps I should head to Tacoma to support the LRBC Team!