Just One More Month...

What do:

pigs in a blanket,

southern banana pudding,

and "dirty" diapers have in common?

Well, baby showers of course!!!

Huge thanks must go out to Memry and Co. for putting on a fantastic baby shower at the Cafe for our friends Gavin and Delane. Included in the fun was a nest theme complete with handmade truffle "eggs," a Bring Your Favorite Dish From Childhood Potluck, a baby portrait drawing class, and Memry's and my personal favorite, the "Sweet Mess" game, where players had the opportunity to smell, taste, and touch three diapers which have been "soiled" with melted chocolate bars in an effort to guess which diaper contains which chocolate bar. Needless to say it was hilariously entertaining, but much more so when the youngsters at the party, a couple of whom are still in their diapers, caught the adults holding the familiar objects, and sniffing and licking their fingers whilst playing in the mess. Needless to say, the little ones were horrified.

Rachel testing diaper #1, the Reeses peanut butter cups

Unsurprisingly, I was really thrilled with the notion of a Bring Your Favorite Dish From Childhood Potluck. The food was eclectically fantastic and really transported all of us "home". It was great seeing what people remembered from their childhoods: fresh baked homemade bread, chicken cattitore, blts, cupcakes, tater tots, ants on a log, deviled eggs, spaghetti and meatballs, mini meatloaf sandwiches, cheese tortellini, and chocolate pie amongst other things.

slice featured is not quite cornmeal deep dish, but hey, A+ for trying

Someone even fashioned this pizza onesie, pretty perfect for the owners of one of the greatest pizza places of all time. Congratulations, Gavin and Delane! We're so excited for you and we can hardly wait to meet the new addition! Hopefully she won't actually end up looking like one of these guys:

baby portraits
XO to infinity and beyond...


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU! It's official. You have the best parties EVER! Your generosity and hosting grace and f-ing incredible banana pudding are of the sort that simultaneously humble and thrill. I can't believe we get to be friends with you guys! And eat your food! And talk shop! The baby shower was amazing. Not only will we cherish the memory forever and ever, we start our journey of parenting with over 550 diapers from the guests! Thank you for all your help. And for being so wonderful.
Love! DH (for now)

Anonymous said...

We got our little boy at 10 months (a foster-to-adopt situation) so we missed the shower. But not really. Folks have poured out their hearts donating things to us. I think we've spent about six bucks on onsies, and everything else has arrived via cubicle delivery or US mail.

Just more evidence that we live on a great planet filled with wonderful people, if you look in the right direction.

Cheers and happy trails!

Anonymous said...

The party was, quite possibly, the best baby shower EVER, and the reasons are many but each of them have everything to do with you two. Thank you for spoiling Delane and Gavin, and all of us, so totally rotten with your spot-on hospitality. We are SO LUCKY to know you. xoxoxo