Just One of the Perks...

of being a cafe owner is getting really amazing feedback from customers. Take this one for example:

We couldn't agree more, Ella. Red IS the perfect color for a bike.

Oh, and personalized fruit garnishes: Undoubtedly another perk. (Thank you, Logan.)


stumpette said...

awwww! I just noticed that you guys put this up. I can't wait to show Ella. Thanks for being the perfect Sunday morning breakfast spot.

Pamela Cohen said...

Just found your blog from Heidi's 101cookbooks.com site. I had to scroll down through the entire...picture library of breakfast foods, etc. What a treat.
It's a travesty you are closing. Must all good things come to an end? I hope you just take a deserved break and have breakfast together for a couple of years before opening somewhere else. (I'd even trade my big old country house for the little cafe property and be the new landlord if it would work.)