We Appreciate Your Business

As I prepare to lay down for the evening, my mind is racing, and I can't believe it's been one year since I woke up on my day off (back when we were CLOSED on Mondays) and went to the cafe to make myself some coffee, only to discover that the entire place was full of water.

Thank goodness that this time around the cafe will be full of you. In honor of the first anniversary of The Great Spring Flood of '09, and all that you have done to help aid in our "drying out," this Tuesday, April 20th, 2010, we will celebrate our first ever Customer Appreciation Day!

How do we intend to celebrate? By giving away free Messenger (and veggie Messenger) egg sandwiches of course. Go ahead and plan an excuse for why you will be late to work, heck, call in sick, or take the day off. Do whatever it takes so that you are able to visit the cafe and enjoy an egg sandwich on us.

You deserve it Portland.

Thank you.


Molly said...

It made my day! You guys are awesome!

Ali and Evan said...

Molly Murphy,
YOU are one of the main inspirations for this day. Thank you for your amazing support throughout the years. We are blessed to know you. Cheers!

Molly said...

Right back at you, lovelies! I'm looking forward to your next adventures in your new space. Please ask for help if there's anything this FUNemployed lass can do!