Secret Menu Item

Evan's (Sunday) Shift Meal
Oregon albacore tuna salad, lemon-herb mayo, farmhouse relish, American cheese and pickled red onions grilled on challah bread

What you see above is a typical shift meal for Evan come late Sunday afternoon. And some days, when he's really hungry, he adds thick slices of bacon to this sandwich.

Just ask us for the "Lower East Side Tuna Melt." We'll catch your drift.


A. A. Snook said...

Mmmmm! That looks soo delicious! Yay for Oregon food!

Hall of Records said...

That looks amazing!!!

Ali and Evan said...

PDX Glutton, We're proud to say we are on a first-name basis with the man who actually catches this tuna and we're proud to serve this product (and eat it) in our cafe.

Hall of Records,
"LES Tuna Melt" shall become magic, magic words at our cafe. Know that you no them, use them!

Laura said...

I didn't know a tuna melt can look so damn good. I sure hope Kyle is taking notes. xoxo Mom