You are Appreciated

Yet another public service announcement to remind you that this coming Tuesday, the twentieth day of April, two thousand and ten, is...



That's right folks, this coming Tuesday marks one year to the day since the cafe was under water. Thanks to YOU amazing people we are still standing, heads above water, here today. And what better way to celebrate our gratitude for you, than to offer you your favorite sandwich, for free!

Pending confirmation of a much larger than normal bread order from Fleur de Lis Bakery, we plan to give away free Messenger fried egg sandwiches (and Messengers with tempeh bacon) beginning at 8:00am this Tuesday, April 20th. We plan to do this until our normal closing hours, or until we run out of bread. In addition to the free egg sandwiches we will be offering a plethora of assorted baked goods for sale, both sweet and savory alike, as well as coffee, espresso, and other beverages.

Join us alone, come with friends, tell your neighbor. Help us spread the love Portland!

Thank you.


Kristin said...

What an awesome idea! Kyle and I are, of course, sad that we're missing it, but we are appreciating YOU even from far away. We've found the beginnings of an LRBC substitute here http://localcoffeesa.com No egg sammiches, but cool people and delicious coffee. And of course, no LRBC magic!

kati said...

i can NOT believe it's already been a year. and in some ways it's been longer! crazy!

days go by!

Ali and Evan said...

We need to visit. Maybe we an use your work-out facility.

days DO go by. It's crazy. Thanks for being there for the before, during and after. XO