An Anonymous Gift

When Evan and I started thinking about decorating the cafe we made a conscious effort to not go overboard. Deep down we coveted nearly every red bicycle we saw but we always approached with caution. Our goal with the cafe and its overall design was to let it grow gradually and organically. We hesitated to display anything in the red bicycle nature for fear of overcrowding and bombarding the space prematurely. From the beginning we have always liked to imagine the cafe, years down the road, filled with oodles of little red bicycles of every nature; each representing a token of its own unique story of how it made its way to the cafe and how it eventually wound up calling the LRBC its home. We have always understood however, that things like this take time. So we've been waiting. Patiently.

My sister and future brother-in-law started the trend by purchasing an original copy of Tell-a-Tales' The Little Red Bicycle and gifting this to us two weeks before we opened our doors. On the inside cover they affectionately scrolled:

Ali + Evan
Enjoy the Ride...

In my ideal world this prized piece of what inspired our "Little Red Bike Collection-to-Come" would be framed artfully in a custom shadow box. Something that would protect its thin pages but also allow people to view some of the timeless images contained on those pages. I still can't get over the fact that Stevie's father is smoking a pipe throughout the entire tale. Ahh, who can't appreciate a 1953 copyright date?

We have always imagined that the little red bikes out there in the world would come find us. Just as this book had. That somehow, some way they would make their way into our cafe. And the other day one did. Just. Like. That.

Yesterday we received an anonymous gift at the cafe. A small box containing the little red bicycle you see pictured above. Attached was a note that read:
"Good Luck! From a Happy customer"

Upon opening this gift I was overcome with such immense gratitude. Well, more like I was humbled speechless. As an uncontrollable grin spread from ear to ear, I immediately turned to Evan and mustered up, "This is EXACTLY what we've been talking about happening for so long. And it just happened. Just now." After that there were no more words. Just happiness, and a nodding reminder of why I love my job.

I scoured the box for any possible clue as to your identity. All I can say is you have beautiful penmanship. If you're out there and you're reading this, and if you ever do wish to reveal your identify, please introduce yourself so that I may thank you properly. Until then, Thank You. Your thoughtful gift made a lifetime of days. I went home that day and called every single one of my family members and told them of the occurrence. We all sighed and "ooh and ahhed" and thanked our lucky stars that people like you exist out there. There is nothing better than getting a boost of cheer just when you needed it. So Thank you for your gesture. Thank you for your words. Sometimes I don't know how we got to be this lucky. Just know "Happy Customer," whoever you are, that you make us quite Happy too. Next time you're in please feel free to have a scoop on us. After all, it was you and your gift that inspired this week's newest churnings:
Mocha Sherbet
Cardamom Honey
Chocolate-Orange Sorbet
Caramelized Pear (Not Pictured)

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Tim D. Roth said...

Lindsey and I really enjoyed both the Cardamom Honey and Eggnog ice creams, although Lindsey thinks the flavors should be combined into one mega-seasonal conglomerate. I personally think they are both great on their own.

I found a super cool bike at Cost Plus that if painted red could become a valuable part of the café. I guess we'll just see what else shows up with a little note (but no promises on beautiful penmanship)