Winter is Coming

Its getting colder outside. Today's windy storm seems to have taken down the majority of the fall leaves that haven't yet given in to the changing season. Just one of many signs that winter is just around the corner. Given the cooler weather, thoughts of the impending long rain, and the fact that not too many of you seem to trickle into the cafe between the hours of 7am-8am on the weekends, we have decided to scale back our hours...an hour. Starting this coming weekend, the cafe will now open from 8am-3pm (Sat and Sun only, we will still remain open from 7am-3pm Tues thru Fri). I mean c'mon folks its the weekend, you should be sleeping in late anyway. And trust me, we will be making the most of our extra hour coming up with new methods to satisfy all of your weekend brunching needs.

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Anonymous said...

Bully for you! I understand that T-F is regular 7AM-3pm. Sat & Sun start at 8 AM. Seems fair.