Have No Fear

Yes folks, Egg Nog is here. Old Fashion that is.

The hard part is over. Last year we risked our health and wellbeing by actually embarking on an egg nog tasting, determined to find the blend which would earn the title "Best Nog." We sampled 8 different brands (including one soy based product, and guess which one came out on top?

Seems fitting that Oregon's own Umpqua Dairy was the only brand we sampled which sold its product in a gold colored container; seemingly flaunting its own self confidence while simultaneously commanding the attention of every display case. Whether you drink it straight, steam it up in a latte, make a milkshake out of it, or our favorite, enjoyed over ice with a generous amount of bourbon, its a classic seasonal treat for anyone who can handle its scary-dairy core ingredients.

Visit the cafe anytime over the following month and we'll be sure to help you get your egg nog fix no matter what method you prefer to indulge.


Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to your egg nog post, but I just got my copy of Portland Monthly in the mail today, and you guys have a lovely little spotlight article in the food section. I've been eagerly waiting for them to discover you! Congrats!

Ali and Evan said...

Thanks Deanne! We're still hoping to get our hands on a copy. Though I have a feeling our moms have bought all copies in the Portland Metropolitan Area!

Unknown said...

Ah, you know us too well. One of the moms