With Thanksgiving almost a day away it is safe to say that we have already begun our descent into gastronomic exploration (or should I say exploitation). No, neither Ali nor I can take credit for the culinary masterpiece you are now drooling over. Much thanks to our good friend Elizabeth for such a thoughtful and tasty holiday gift. Last Father's Day, before any of us had ever met, Ali and I purchased some of her amazing cookies to serve at the culmination of a sausage and beer tasting we prepared for my Dad. Just one taste of her amazing cookies was all it took and we were battling one another for seconds! Flash forward a few months and she and her family have deservedly earned their "most devoted customer" status as a result of their regular (sometimes twice daily) visits to the cafe. Thanks for your support, thanks for practicing so much patience with our inexperience, and thanks for the tasty pie.

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