What can we say?

It was a blast.

You were so jazzed Portland, and we were overwhelmed by the response. We were secretly fearing a sluggish turn-out given the fact that the anniversary fell on a Tuesday. But over 200 Messenger egg sandwiches were given away in the first four hours. By the time the clock struck 12:00 we had run out of bread. At that point we flipped the open sign, turned the music up, and hung out with all of you and the few stragglers who missed the sandwiches, but stayed for coffee anyway.

For the most part people were pretty pumped. Granted, some were disappointed that they couldn't get their Flat Tire or their Zoo Bomb. Reactions were all across the board; from handwritten (and/or origami swan) thank-you-notes and tears, to one disgruntled customer telling me that he "won't be back" and that we must "make this shit up as we go," as he stormed off down Lombard St. egg-sandwichless (BTW: I told this "gentleman" to "have a nice day").

So we just want to say thank you. We had a great day and we are so pleased so many of you came to celebrate. Without your help our business would not have survived the flood last year. We're aware we really do have the greatest customers in the world. More importantly, you are good people and tremendous friends.


Anonymous said...

I adore you two. My wife adores you two. and I'm already teaching Isla Mae the sign language for LRBC. You have the sweetest crew and the largest hearts.
- the Browns

Ali and Evan said...

Matthew James Brown,


Can you teach us the sign language for LRBC?

We think you and yours are pretty great, too. XO