Taking Chances

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ice Cream w/ a Strawberry Swirl? Yes, it works. Though not all of our attempts at unique flavor combinations have worked out as well as we would have liked (ahem, Gorgonzola and Honey, and Sweet Corn Ice Creams), some of these recipes turn our to be winners (Maple Bacon, and Cap'n Crunch Ice Creams).

We hope something from tomorrow's breakfast might prove as memorable:

Green Eggs and No Ham Sandwich
Scrambled Eggs, Sauteed Organic Spinach, Blanched Asparagus, Pesto, and Goat Cheese, served on Fleur de Lis Ciabatta.

Vegan Lentil Barley Soup

Corn Chowder w/ Bacon Soup

Oh, and we are proud to announce that you can now buy your 2008 Sprockettes Calendar at the cafe!


LeLo said...

Wow: olive oil ice cream is one I haven't tried, but am very tempted to. Can I just say that the Maple Bacon ice cream was just delish?

Anonymous said...

I had the Olive Oil and Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream and I can recommend it. It's a crazy idea that just happens to taste...well...wonderful!

Melissa said...

Although I have to say it felt like a bit of a sacrilege to eat asparagus in November, the breakfast sandwich special this week was incredible. It tasted so fresh and green, a welcome lightness after the gluttony that was Thanksgiving!
I'm grateful for your little cozy cafe. Thanks guys.