Because I Love You

As those of you who work at the cafe know, when he's not drinking espresso there are few things that give Evan more pleasure than the traditional macchiato. Oh, the macchiato. Whose identity was stolen and pitifully ripped off by Star@ucks. I can just hear the macchiatos out there now, "I am not a 16oz. drink!" Oh, how they wail, "Please, do not stud me with caramel sauce!"

Every weekend morning my beloved sweetly asks me, "May I make you a macchiato, Love?" To this day I'm not even sure what he likes more; drinking them or the challenge of making them. Macchiatos are difficult because they require a delicate balance; even after you've manged to pull a great shot, the rest of the work requires the perfect milk temperature, the perfect foam, and when you're really going for it, perhaps a fancy little art piece on top. And though I'm trying to decrease my coffee consumption I can rarely resist his offer for the simple reason that I love the look of persistence of his face as he gracefully attempts to master the heart detail on top. "I will first master the heart before moving on to the rosetta," he tells me.

So Love, yesterday I obtained a few more cups and saucers to add to your collection. May you continue to find joy in meeting the challenges of your passion head on. It's been an absolute pleasure watching you grow and drinking the fruits of your labor.

P.S. Thank you for picking up the slack and letting me go on this trip. Believe me when I say, I'm thinking about you every day. XO


Tim D. Roth said...

We should have a macchiato cup meet and greet ala Antiques Roadshow, full of kitsch and geekery.

Anonymous said...

I adore watching your love story unfold... you two are the sweetest.

Ali and Evan said...

Funny thing is Tim, we don't even need the cups. The three of us combined are pretty kitsch and geeky.

*thank you* XO