Liam's Leeks

Grown in a garden near you

Today after work the ladies and I had the great fortune of paying a visit to our friends, Liam, Lynn, and Ben. You remember Liam, right? The wonder-boy who is partial to Maple and Bacon Ice Cream, particularly on his fourth birthday? (FYI: he's back on the 11 am). So yes, our hosts graciously showed us around their adorable house (conveniently located just blocks from the cafe) where we got to see Lynn's inspiring studio, Ben's incredible handy-work, and their thriving garden. AND while the adults talked business, Liam and I were even able to sneak away to his room to play Lincoln Logs and trains. (Turns out we both got a thing for Lincoln Logs and trains. Who knew?)
It was such a nice way to end our fairly hectic (St. John's Parade) day. To top things off, upon our departure a brown paper sack full of leeks were passed my way. Wow! What a treat. And talk about perfect timing!

Tomorrow's Special:
Julia Child's Vichyssoise

As she so pointedly states in her The Way to Cook, "
Here is the mother of the family in all her simplicity." Consider it my little way of paying tribute to all the moms out there on this forthcoming holiday. A perfect soup comprised of no more than five ingredients. Deliciousness at its best. Many thanks to our neighbors/friends for the kind offering. You have a beautiful home, an amazing child, and because of you my passion for cooking was rekindled just in time.


AnnMarie said...

hopefully this summer we'll be meeting in the park for garden supplied picnics.

Ali and Evan said...

We second that emotion. Ben just informed us that he planted "our" potatoes today!