The Buds of May

It's that time of year folks, and it has arrived not a moment too soon. The sun is rising earlier every day, the birds are chirping, and nearly everywhere you look there are colorful blossoms which signal that the seasonal changes we have been awaiting for months have taken effect. This fact can even be witnessed at the Little Red Bike Cafe, where our cacti and succulents appear to be operating on a similar cycle to one another:

Equally as exciting is the creative spirit embodied by our coworkers. Case in point, these lovely beauties you see pictured below:

"Hard as Nails" Hacker's Rosemary & Parmesan Scones

Yes, waiting for spring this year has certainly been hard work for all of us, and it seems that all of that work is beginning to pay off. We are not the only ones reaping the rewards of a busy fall and winter. Tomorrow night, Jason, a loyal customer and all around great person will be able to celebrate the fruits of his labors when his Roosevelt High School band will take to the stage for their annual spring concert. One of the great pleasures of owning and operating a cafe in our neighborhood is that we get an opportunity to meet the many wonderful and unique individuals who make up our local community. We first met Jason shortly after opening, and since then we have had the great pleasure of learning a little bit about what he does. Jason is a teacher at Roosevelt High School in North Portland, where he has single-handedly revived the school's music program. You see, similar to most major public school systems, the PPS has been forced to withstand major budget cuts over the past couple decades, and as a result, arts programs such as music education have been the hardest hit. If not for people like Jason who have chosen to take matters into their own hands, schools like Roosevelt wouldn't have music. Coming fresh off a debut at the St. John's parade, the band is amped for this concert. Jason describes the sound as a mix of funk, reggae, and blues. They've worked hard, very hard and one cannot help but to be inspired.

Kill three birds with one stone; thank Jason for all of his hard work, congratulate the kids on their efforts, and show your support for the return of arts to the Portland Public School System by going to see the performance tomorrow night. You won't be sorry.

7:00pm, Thursday, May, 22nd
Roosevelt High School Auditorium
6941 N Central St
Portland, OR 97203
$5.00 suggested donation

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how about feed three birds with one seed. no killing needed.