What's New With You?

Where have you been? Well, to keep it short:

During the month of May I've Been...

Saturday Morning Breakfasts Consist of: macchiatos and dangi donuts
  • Downing My Breakfasts When I Get the Chance
  • Customizing Bridesmaid Hair Accessories
  • Making and Churning Banana Colada Ice Cream Batter
  • Reaping the Rewards of our Kick-F’in-Ass Groomsmen Attire Selections
(FYI: if you need a fashion guru in your life then I’m you’re gal…that is of course if I wasn’t running a cafĂ© or planning a wedding and all…)
A Welcomed Surprise of Zoo Bombers
  • Greeting Zoo Bombers
  • Watching Window-Sill Succulents Bloom
  • Pug Sitting
  • Drawing Up Blueprints in My Mind
Making an Appearance During Cocktail Hour After Our Ceremony: Mint Juleps Served in Mason jars
  • Dreaming About Our Wedding
  • Planning a Trip to NYC to Spend Time with Sisters
  • Vacuuming the Living Room
We Love it When the Sun Shines at the LRBC
  • Drinking Tecates With Lime When the Sun Shines
  • Doing it Tandem Styles
  • Playing Vinyl on a Regular Basis…Finally
  • Reuniting With Best Friends Who Have Been Living Abroad
Who Could Resist a Date With Him?
  • Making Dinner Dates
  • Receiving Fabulous Fabric Swatches for an Upcoming Art Project
  • And Last But Not Least, I've Been On the Hunt for Blue Tinted Mason Jars…of the Xtra-Large Variety
So...What about you?

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Rebecca said...

One suggestion about the blue mason jars: check out Jim "The Jar Guy" on craigslist (search for canning jars). He is a jar afficionado and will probably have what you want. He's out near Gresham, and don't plan on being in a hurry, you will end up listening to his stories for a while.