To Toast or Not to Toast

Murray's Everything Bagel with a Shmear of Scallion

That really is the question. Murray's doesn't toast their bagels. For this very reason my friend Diana refuses to go to Murray's, "What? Do they think they're too good to toast?" Dan, the love of my sister's life and long-time, die hard New Yorker retorts, "Toasting is for people in Ohio."

In my sister's opinion toasting ruins the texture of the bagel, although she also admits she "just can't do an 'everything bagel' without toasting."

Frankly, I so thoroughly enjoyed my bagel yesterday morning that I didn't think about whether or not it was toasted. It didn't even cross my mind. I mean what is the true point of toasting?

Weigh in on this one, Folks. Does a authentic NY style bagel loose all of its integrity once it enters the broiler? Do certain bagels require toasting in order to be enjoyed? Help us settle this debate.

***Just to be clear, we've got nothing against people in Ohio. They were his words, not mine.***


arrow said...

My favorite bagel place at home in New Jersey doesn't toast, but they are always putting out fresh hot bagels so you just have to ask what's hot if you want your butter to melt. I always go for the hot stuff, it's softer, and I guess I just like all my food as hot as possible. Some like it hot!

AnnMarie said...

i love the crunch and then chewiness of a toasted bagel-the combination of textures is was does it for me. mmmmmm

Tim D. Roth said...

I definitely like my Costco bagels untoasted as the bakery maintains a high level of quality and prepares bagels in lots of 100, to order of course. Nobody else holds a candle.

Ouroboros said...

I love a well-toasted piece of ..toast. But sometimes I consider: what if toasting was once actually a measure intended to make slightly stale bread more palatable? Perhaps even to revive that best part of bread: the crust. Under such consideration, a good bagel one with that golden boiled-then baked toroidal edge that perfect texture of extra gluten almost al dente all the way through that ideal bagel need not be toasted.

Save me one if you find it. Until I do, I'll toast the un-perfect bagel.

gl. said...

yes, toasted! mmmm. but the critical factor is truly the quality & quantity of the schmear. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A fresh, warm and proper NY style (i.e; NOT Costco - sorry, Tim) bagel should be eaten untoasted in order to appreciate its unparalleled density and chewiness. Toasting, however, is a great way to resuscitate a day-old bagel.
Anywho...that's my take on the situation.