A First

This weekend's brunch menu was the s*it! It was the last summer brunch service for '09. As Ali mentioned in a previous post, there will not be a brunch service this coming Sunday, September 26th. We are taking a week off, planning the fall brunch menu, and at the same time conducting research on some of our favorite foods (the cafe is still open, thanks to our lovely, talented, and gorgeous employees). Mark your calendars for October 4th, which will mark the debut of the forthcoming fall Sunday brunch at the LRBC.

While this past Sunday's brunch is deserving of its own blog post, I want to interrupt your regularly scheduled program to announce a momentous occasion in the history of my life: less than one hour ago I enjoyed my first ever "plate lunch:"

This meal came courtesy of Da Kitchen Express in Kihei, HI. The above plate featured tempura battered Mahi Mahi, mac salad (with potatoes), rice, shredded cabbage, and house tartar. It was definitely everything a hungry guy could ask for; the tempura batter was thin, but flaky and flavorful, with just the right amount of fresh parsley peppered throughout. Though it was a lot of food, my mouth begins to salivate just thinking about it. The fish tasted fresh and delectable. The mac salad was very interesting as well, with the addition of potatoes an unexpected but welcome bonus. As if our first few hours on this island couldn't get any better, the time zone differential brought us the beginning "Monday Night Football" as we enjoyed our meal. Go Colts!

*A strange coincidence explained: If one were to look at past blog posts that document food we eat while we are traveling, one might think that all we eat is battered and fried fish. This is only partly true, and has more to do with the fact that we relish in the opportunity to eat fish in places where it is a large part of the local cuisine, i.e. close to the ocean.

Da Kitchen Express

2439 S Kihei Rd # 107A
Kihei, HI 96753-8688
(808) 875-7782


Seb Tom said...

Hey, not sure if you guys have found it yet (in Kihei) but The Coffee Store is a pretty good spot for coffee --- given the not-quite-up-to-portland-level coffee culture of Hawaii. Other than than, there's Maui Grown Coffee in Lahaina, which also has Livewire Cafe which I've heard is ok.

I've had some great fish meals at Pita Paradise, also in Kihei. And there used to be a great fish taco truck just past Makena cove; it's probably still parked there.

Hope you're snorkeling as much as possible. I've spent a lot of time in that water. Some great beaches on that coast!!

And yeah, that was a great MNF game tonight!


Fiona said...

Speaking of fried fish. We really like Alexanders Fish N' Chips right on the strip in Kihei.

Ali and Evan said...

You rock! Thank you so much for the coffee tips. I am off to check out The Coffee Store right now.
I also heard about some place called Grandma's Coffee which supposedly grows and roasts its own. Best to you and your family...happy first day of fall!

Ali and Evan said...

Thanks for the tip!

Dove Vivi said...

May be worth checking out:

Pacific’o and I’o

James McDonald loves to take guests to his upcountry Maui farm, where they pick organic produce that he then turns into lunch. The 8.5-acre spread provides nearly all the greens, herbs, fruits, and vegetables for his two Lahaina restaurants. I’O’s style is “contemporary Pacific,” while Pacific’O focuses more on Asian flavors and preparations, offering unusual seafood entrées like the hapa hapa: two colors of fish, flash-fried in tempura batter and enlivened with ginger, Kaffir lime leaves, basil, and Thai curry. 505 Front St., Lahaina, Maui (Pacific’O: 808-667-4341; I’O: 808-661-8422)