On the Horizon:

"There were other reasons for me wanting to hang up my apron. The nonstop process of refining dishes and striving for perfection was exhausting. I didn't want to push myself anymore...It's all about taking yourself as far as you can. It can seem never-ending."
- Chef Marco Pierre White on his retirement

It may sound silly, but when I first read those words in White's autobiography The Devil in the Kitchen, I found myself nodding in agreement. Granted, we are not 3 star Michelin chefs competing in a world class fine-dining market, but I think for anyone who takes their role in the kitchen seriously (professionally or otherwise), these words ring true at some point or another. The attempt to constantly outdo yourself can be as overwhelming as it is masochistic.

We've spent the past two years constantly refining not only our menu but everything that goes along with it. It appears that when it comes to our "baby" there is always room for adjustments and critiques, otherwise we might just lose our minds to boredom. Suffice to say once we opened a restaurant nothing was ever good enough. So we keep trying...

While others may be roasting in this Indian Summer heat we are currently experiencing in the Pacific NW, and while my backside may be stuck permanently to the vinyl on the chair I am currently sitting on, this has done little to prevent us from keeping our eyes on the horizon towards next season's happenings. In other words, we are diligently preparing for Fall at Little Red Bike Cafe.

What does that mean?

It means that a dinner service, despite a few setbacks along the way, is definitely in the works. We're thinking of something very casual, just one night a week, and probably Fridays to start.

It also means that an impending "Ice Cream Sunday" service has also surfaced onto our future calendar. We're picturing lots of friends and families getting together on Sunday evenings for a sampling of those homemade ice cream recipes we've collected throughout the years, as well as a triumphant return of those old fashioned milkshakes you all love and miss so much.

And lastly (and perhaps the most exciting), it means that after two years of hits and misses with the OLCC , we have now finally obtained a license to serve full liquor at our little cafe. We say it's about time to bring out and share those whiskey milkshakes, doctored up espressos, and bubbly thirst quenchers we've been sneaking in the back room (I'm only kidding...sort of).

So go ahead and enjoy these last few drops of summer. In the meantime, trust that I'll be curled up with my supper cookbooks, casserole dishes, and 11-inch cast iron grill pan, dreaming about root vegetable cassoulet and grilled miso tofu, and about how to install that single tap kegerator we've been itching to get.

P.S. Any thoughts about what I have in store for this peach come Sunday's Brunch service and the debut of our liquor license? I'll give you a hint: it may not fully cure your hangover but you're guaranteed to look quite dapper drinking it.


Anonymous said...

Peach Pie/ Crisp with bourbon!!!

filoli said...

Congratulations on the liquor license and best of luck with the dinners!

Unknown said...

you are telling me if i bike out right now there will be whiskey milkshakes? perhaps mini whiskey milkshakes in demitasse cups brought out on a platter for those that wait outside the doors the half hour before opening, or a shot of whiskey for all those entering the doors of the cafe in the colder mornings to come. awesome.

Dove Vivi said...

Your unflagging enthusiasm is humbling. Serving only pizza and salads at this point, I cannot imagine taking on breakfast! It's been two years since promising root beer floats... maybe next summer? Rock on, Red Bike! Cheers and then some. Love from Dove.

Anonymous said...

OR Grilled peaches with goat cheese and sauteed onion!