15 Minutes of Fame

Homemade Ice Cream Flavors for Thursday, September 20th 2007:

-"Andes" Mint

-Raspberry Buttermilk

-Roasted Brown Sugar Banana

-Sweet Cream w/ Oregon Marionberry Swirl

-Chocolate Pudding


We already know some of you out there get paid to do this, but for those who wouldn't mind coming out to show your support, there just might be a Portland Tribune photographer coming to shoot pics of the "bike-thru" window tomorrow (Thursday), sometime after 3:00pm. Bring yourself, your bike, and an appetite for ice cream. We'd love to have as many of you as possible visit in effort to help us bike and lick our way into a local newspaper. And of course you don't need a bike to visit the "bike-thru" window. See all of you Top Models at 3:00pm.


Kronda said...

Dang! As much as I'd like to lend my extremely professional modeling and ice cream eating skills to this event, I have plans in Beaverton in the afternoon (trust me it's worth it...I would never head for the burbs otherwise). Lick something for me, and we'll see you Sunday!

Unknown said...

Luscious pics - nice job with the digitals. Wish I'd been there to clean the spoons. Apple butter's on the stove and dusted sugar cookies are cooling on the counter as I type. xxoo