Posting Up

Check out these amazing stamps we got at the post office in St. John's. Super Hero Postage. Oh. Hell. Yes. Yes, yet another impulse buy but what can I say, I'm a sucker for Elektra. Why were we at the post office, you ask? Well, did we happen to mention that it's Little Red Bike's Grand Opening Party this Saturday? Yes, that's right. We did. So Evan and I were at the post office this afternoon buying hundreds of postcard stamps to mail off our announcements of the most funnest, like-coolest-ever, bad-a$$ party of the weekend and you guys should all like, totally come. It's gonna be killer.

Well, for those that missed it, we are teaming up with the bodacious divas over at Trixie's Beauty Bar, whom happen to also be celebrating their one year anniversary (yay!), in order to promote the newly installed Portsmouth and Clarendon Safe Routes to School Program. Safe Routes To School developed a mission to serve a diverse national community of organizations that advocates for and promotes the practice of safe bicycling and walking to and from schools throughout the United States. In honor of both of our milestones we are combining our efforts to make this one kick-a$$ Saturday. When brainstorming we couldn't help but think that a good ole' fashioned ice cream social was just what the doctor ordered. What better to commemorate and support this new program than to whip up some fun and crazy "Back-To-School" inspired flavors such as Maple & Bacon (just like Mom used to make), Capn' Crunch, and Peanut-Butter and Jelly Ice Cream Sandwiches. We will also be featuring some specialty fruit flavors as well as some dairy-free options for our lactose-fighting warriors. Also keep and eye out for some savory delights to mellow out the sugar rush...

We at the Little Red Bike are planning on keeping regular, albeit somewhat extended business hours for the day, opening our doors at the normal time of 7am and closing them sometime around 5pm. However, here's the catch: The Ice Cream Social will run from 12pm-5pm which means we'll be opening up the "Bike-Thru Window" early and scooping out ice cream as fast as we can. Now here's the important part: During this time (12pm-5pm) we will be donating 15% of our proceeds to the Safe Routes to School Program. Also, the gals from Trixie's will be raffling off some awesome beauty prizes, and you guessed it: all raffle proceeds will benefit the program as well. SAfe Routes will also have a table set up where they'll put on free helmet fittings. So you know what that means, come one, come all, and help us spread the word.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight--maple and bacon ice cream?! It seems like just yesterday that I was telling a friend that one of the Voodoo Doughnuts maple bacon bars served a la mode with maple ice cream would satisfy my every craving at that moment. You've taken it farther than I ever dared imagine.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on four weeks in business and for all of the success that has come with it. Ali and Evan, you are doing an outstanding job and we all are so appreciative of all the great food you produce and what you are adding to the community. Wishing you continued success and fun. Julie