Bring on the Gourds

It's starting to feel more and more like fall in Portland, don't you think? The signs are all there. I've noticed a crispness to the air, and I've found myself pulling the collar up around my neck each morning on our way to the cafe as well as each evening on our way home. On the way to the car this morning I noticed a single red leaf amongst a sea of dead grass that could be technically classified as our front lawn. I've been ritualistically downing cups of chai tea at the cafe which means my tastebuds are craving cinnamon, clove, and cardamom, Fall's spice palate. And E, the man who runs at least 10 degrees warmer than those classified as "human beings" mentioned having a fire which must mean something, right? When it's fall in the NW the air smells different. It smells good. It feels good.

I gotta admit, I have a thing for Portland falls. In fact, it's getting pretty serious. But in all honesty, so does Evan. But it's alright, we're honest with each other about it. We talk freely about Fall in front of one another, without reservations. We know honesty is always the best policy-- besides, we're not jealous people. We like to relish in Fall together. I don't know about you guys & gals but Fall for E and I means high school football and soccer games, hoodies worn under jackets with gloves wrapped into balls, stuffed into the pockets. It means back-to-school, hot chocolate and apple cider, winning best dressed at EVERY Halloween party- or at least a nod for trying- and leaf fights, and potlucks, and wood burning fires, and late-night beach trips, and wool socks to match wool hats, and doggie costumes, and Sauvie Island pumpkin pickin', and spaghetti squash dinner parties, and cream of wild mushroom soup, and pear and fig tarts drizzled in honey and topped in crumbled goat cheese, and, and, and green bean casserole, Mom's cream of corned beef and cabbage soup, and walks in forest park, and saying goodbye to the whites and making a committed seasonal switch to red wine, and nesting contently while preparing for winter's hibernation.

I'm a little sad to see summer fade so quickly. But I have to say I'm a little more fit for fall's fashion. I'm always cold so I love nothing more than just layering it all on on. In fact, I bought this season's first wool hat yesterday. I'll admit, it was an impulse buy--I literally left my place in line at the grocery store to go retrieve it promptly after it first caught my eye-- but I HAD to have it. Why? Ohhhhh I don't know...maybe because it is GREEN, it is made out of 100% RECYCLED WOOL, and did I mention the fact that it was HANDCRAFTED in a little town otherwise known as PORTLAND, OREGON (you may have heard of it...) So off the hook and into my basket it went. And I wore it that very evening while E, Jamie and I rode bikes through the neighborhood, and I am being completely 100% honest when I say this; when I put it on my head I felt as though I'd been wearing for thousands of years, perhaps throughout all of my different lifetimes. When guilt is overcome and purchases are able to feel this good I tend not to dig too much into the whys and the hows. But it's a downright awesome and beautiful hat and I plan on debuting this weekend a la cafe.

Aside from diggin' Fall's fashion I'm a sucker for it's flavors and I cannot wait until our kitchen is bubblin' with cauldrons of stews and our oven's full of pies. This coming season you can expect loads of pumkpkin goodness, ooodles of caramel surprises, and more than enough "just like Mom's" savory delights. And just because it's fall doesn't mean the ice cream has to end. Sure, Summer's got fresh berries and peaches but Fall, Fall's got it all: Think Caramel Pear ice cream, Butter Pecan, Sweet Potato-Marshmallow, and Gingersnap...I could keep going. Forget summer, I say, "Bring on the Gourds!"

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Tim D. Roth said...

Bring on the crispy weather and the creamy soups! And the fall-inspired ice creams are all tantalizing.