Today was a day of "firsts" for the Little Red Bike Cafe (though when you are only five days into a new business, every day brings with it a lot of "firsts"). It was the first day back-to-school for many neighborhood schoolchildren, which meant that many parents, as well as the bus driver that drives their kids to school, came to visit the cafe today. Thanks to all who came and helped to support our business. May our coffee and food help provide you with all the energy you need to keep those little ones in line.

As for us, well...we received our "first" via a longshoremen named Todd. The cargo in question: a 1970's model Schwinn 'De-Luxe Twinn'. After a short test-ride through the Taco Bell Parking lot, we knew immediately it was just the vehicle that will be needed to help get us to and from the cafe. Note the oversize basket perfect for emergency grocery runs. Thanks Todd, and thanks to everyone else who came out today. You really are helping to make our dream come true.


Anonymous said...

Bicycle bonanza I must agree and the new member of the fam is quite lovely. Also nice to meet Abe and his birthdy buddy today.

Tim D. Roth said...

The Twinn is off the hook!

I live to see the both of you on that thing. I have always imagined tandem bike riding would be like a three-legged race,but perhaps you two can prove me wrong with some harmonious peddling.