What's for Dinner...

End of Summer BBQ

Dead tired from our second day being open we had the great fortune of being guests at the home of friends hosting an end to the summer barbecue. Usually when someone tells me, "don't bring a thing" I ignore them a whip up a little contribution. However, after the week we just had we were more than happy to be nothing more than just guests. From the second we arrived and a cold beer was shoved into each of our hands we quickly realized there was absolutely nothing more we could contribute to this party other than our presence. Much thanks to Todd and Kelly for excusing us from the kitchen feeding us just when we needed it.
On the menu...

Smoked oysters with crackers and brie

Grilled pineapple and vegetable kabobs

Pesto pasta salad with bacon, cherry tomatoes, and toasted pine nuts

Spinach salad with bacon and pear

Sweet corn on the cob grilled in the husk

Grilled sea bass rubbed in jerk seasoning (Kelly's Dad's famous recipe)served with fresh avocado & mango salsa

And fillet.
Nuff said.

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