The Arsenal

The line has been drawn. Our days are spent in preparation. For the past week we have been in training for what has now been dubbed, The Grand Opening Weekend Celebration and we have been training to meet ALL OF YOU. We have visualized you in our heads. What crazy requests might be thrown our way? Whatever you got, we can handle it. Bring on the half-caf-triple-half soy-half-rice-sugar-free-vanilla Cappuccino-(light on the foam). Will anyone dare confront the triple scoop banana split pictured above (shown here w/ Salted Caramel, Cherry Coconut Stratciatella, and Vanilla Bean w/ Hot Fudge)? We'll admit. This week wasn't easy. We had to dig down deep in order to catch our second wind. But now Saturday is almost here. The time has come. There is no turning back. Our portafilters, egg spatulas and ice cream scoops in hand, we are ready to battle. We know what's coming. We can taste it. Can you?

If the answer is no, then here are a few glimpses into our playbook...

Planned for Saturday:

  • A flurry of Craft Root Beer Floats served in mason jars who's only match could be Nesbit's Orange Cream Soda Floats also served in mason jars
  • We've planned not one but two Blue Plate Specials for the Grand Opening Weekend Celebration featuring the always lovable Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf Sandwich, seasoned-just-right, with Caramelized Onions and Roasted Roma Tomato served on Fleur de Lis Ciabatta. "Excuse me, did you just say a 'bacon-wrapped meatloaf sandwich?" Why yes, yes I did. As well as the always comforting Grilled Cheese N' Tomato Soup, Ooey gooey cheese sandwiched between the White Bread of Your Childhood, served alongside a Creamy Roasted Tomato w/ Pesto Soup.
  • Our freezer shall see an invasion of gallons full of wacky, never before seen ice cream flavors such as: Capn' Crunch, Fig*, Lemon Verbena w/ Marionberry, Maple w/ Bacon, and Salted Caramel. This may cause a stir with the Homemade Peanut-Butter and jelly Ice Cream Sandwiches, a thick layer of Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiched between Mom's Peanut-Butter Cookies and/or the Mini Frozen Courier Coffee Mud Pies.
  • The crew will ALL be representing the LRBC by thus forth rocking illmatic aprons ALL weekend long...Hells yeahs

Okay, peep-show is over. Like I said, this is just a glimpse. You're gonna have to come and get the real deal on Saturday. If you can handle it. We'll see you there. If you don't know by now you better ask somebody!!!


Metolius Mark * Student of...Everything said...

Whoa! It almost sounds like a challenge...the gauntlet being thrown..show up if you dare!

Are you ready for this? Cause Saturday is gonna smack you between the eyes like yesterday's news (which by-the-by, was a very nice article about 'Mr & Mrs' LRBC)

Ok...ok...I'll be there. Wait, we'll ALL be there. And the music better be good and loud.

LeLo said...

I'm so there. So. There.

Unknown said...

Team Captains and Sub-Leaders - Well done today! It was a marathon but well worth the effort. Long live coffee/expresso, meatloaf, 16th birthday Voodoo Donut cakes, Luscious Lucy Lemon Puffs, ice cream galore, etc., etc., etc.

Good luck on Sunday. I'll miss you but my feet won't mind being somewhere else. xxoo