Before I Walk the Plank...

...I get to spend a week in NYC celebrating my last days of singlehood.
FYI: We prefer NOT to say bachelorette party

Beginning tomorrow, I will be spending the week...

  • love, love, loving my big sister
  • relishing in culinary inspiration found around every corner
  • playing kissy face with friends I've been away from for way too long
  • eating cupcakes at Billy's Bakery and bagels at Murray's
  • taking my niece Matilda to Pug Hill in Central Park
  • on the lookout to thank and shake hands with Danny Meyer for blowing my mind
  • walking miles and miles in large sunglasses and fashionably uncomfortable shoes
  • staying up waaaaaay past my bedtime
  • getting rowdy by demanding "dance-offs" in dimly lit bars
  • and anxiously wondering how much my LRBC Family misses me (only to drunk-dial them late-night just to find out)

Strip clubs, Chip n' Dales, cheesy games, Vegas references, stupid-silly hats, and/or edible underware need not apply.


Anonymous said...

hey ali -

liam here, from 'ol catlin gabel. a friend just pointed me to this site to show me his favorite new p-town cafe... and i saw your picture here! O how the world gets smaller. congratulations.

anyway, i just read your post about visiting NY, and i wanted you to know i'm here working at cafe grumpy, which is one of the few places in town to get a good shot (or macchiato)... and conveniently near both billy's and murray's... you should stop by. i'll be working tomorrow - saturday -'till around 3, as well as tuesday and wednesday 'till 2 each day. come on over to say hi and have some espresso, if you get a chance -


Ali and Evan said...

LIAM! I can't believe it. Cafe Grumpy is my sister and her man's coffee spot. I've heard all about it! We were in a rush this morning so there wasnt time to stop in. I started my day off this morning with an everything bagel with a shmear of scallion. Damn! I wish I would've made it to Grumpy's. Tomorrow it shall be. Can't wait! Thanks so much for writing!!!