Cause for Alarm

at least we know it works

Today marked the third morning in a row that I have woken up to a phone call from our alarm dispatch, informing me that the alarm at the cafe had been tripped. The reasons for the three different alarms are all unrelated, and ridiculous, so I will spare you the details. I will say however, that the first time the alarm was tripped on Monday morning it happened at 6:19am, and since then each incident has occurred earlier than the previous. My only hope is that tonight I can sleep soundly, and that my bedside alarm is the only thing that wakes me up tomorrow morning.

last week's skeleton themes board has spawned a follow-up

Fall is really here, which means that there is nothing but rain in the forecast and we are looking for anything and everything to help keep us inspired, and eager to create new recipes for the cafe. Lucky for us we work with a bunch of artists who regularly produce amazing works like the one you see pictured above, that make us want to tap into our own creative sides. Case in point: were still making ice cream.

Yes, we know its starting to get cold outside, and we still haven't purchased those outdoor heaters we mentioned a couple months back...but somebody once told me that Portlanders eat more ice cream in the winter than they do in the summer. Do you think that could actually be true?

from left to right: chocolate chocolate chip, coffee, and salted caramel

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Unknown said...

You really should get some of those electric outdoor heaters, they feel SO GOOD in the winter. Hope you do!