cry-i-i-ing...over you

I must admit that one of my favorite parts of this whole blog thing is having the ability to look back and see exactly what we were up to one year ago. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized that Ali, who just kicked a nasty cold, was sick with a cold at the exact same time last year. Coincidence, or is the nature of the human body more cyclical than we often realize? Regardless, without this little journal of ours much of our recent past would be forgotten.

Our pictures, as well as our words tell us a lot about what our lives were like at any given time. As far as I can tell from the above photo, which was snapped early last November, it appears as though I had already lost my thunder for cutting onions and had taken to photographing my odious enemies prior to cutting them. My sadistic side coming through.

Thanks mostly to Dekin, I now have far less early morning onion cutting sessions in my life.

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